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We are family! Modelbusiness is a hard and sometimes stressful Job. If you are part of a Model-Family like the Jademodels-Family, you can have much fun too and find great experiences in this business. We are not just searching for beautiful people, we are searching for the right Models, with heart, brain and talent. 


Jademodels exists since the year 2005 and was founded in Vienna/Austria. Since 2014 our main office is in London/Great Britain and until 2015 we got our third international office in Mallorca/Balearic Islands/Spain. Since 2005 Jademodels helped many Models to a great career. 


We have Bookings in all important Model-Destinations like New York, Milan, Paris, Shanghai, London, New Delhi, Istanbul etc... Our Models got jobs with brands like Armani, Versace, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Wolfgang Joop, Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Guess and many more. They were booked on nearly all big Fashionweeks, New York Fashionweek, Milan Fashionweek, Paris Fashionweek, Istanbul Fashionweek, Berlin Fashionweek, Shanghai Fashionweek, Beijing Fashionweek a.s.o.


But indeed of all those successes, its very important for our Agency, to stay as a small company. The main thing at Jademodels is the personal Management of the Models. Models are not a simple number, they are brothers and sisters, daughters and sons. This is why some very successful Models decided to be part of the Jademodels Family. 


We are not just an Agency. We are Jademodels. Expect us.


-> Every model who is interested in modelmovements, can have a look on our information about modelmovements!

Foto: Michelle & Sophia, Foto (c): Nicoletta K. Photography